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“This may not be a typical recommendation; It may be more of a testimonial of your keen ability to convey, teach, and demonstrate to me the valuable principals of sound purchasing practices.Over the many years of our association through The Garden Center Group, your mentoring has given me the ability to actively put to use those valuable toolswhich have now landed me a new position as one of two buyers for a very strong, financially sound Insurance company on a National level.Without your teachings, I would have never been able to earn this position that will now be the new pathway for the next chapter of my professional career. Drilling those terms of “Gross Margin percentages, Margin dollars, Turns, GIMROI, and the Bottom Line” into my everyday work process, all have become the fabric of my way of conducting the business of profitable inventory management.My sincere thanks to you for the service you provide, your talents, abilities and the treasure of education you have shared with me over the years.With the utmost respect and gratitude.”

Jeff Cooksey
Industry Contact

"We have worked with Steve since 2006. He has made the 'accounting stuff' easy to understand. He is patient, understanding, and understandable. His advice has helped us increase our profits every year since 2006, even during this latest economic downturn. I hate to think where we would be if he hadn’t been working with us. And on top of everything he is a great person to be around and learn from."

Ken Smith
Furney's Nursery

"Steve's services have been most valuable to our business over the past couple years. He understands our industry and helps guide us towards appropriate goals. I feel my business is more profitable this season due to Steve. He is our financial support system."

Carly Neff
Rhoads Garden Center, Inc.

"I have known Steve when he was running his own Garden Center. Steve is one of the good guys. He knows the numbers and is able to pass that knowledge along to the rest of us. When he knows (almost all the time) he tells you and when he is not sure he tells you that also."

John Heaton
Knupper Nursery & Landscape

"Steve Bailey has been an advisor to Countryside since 2008. He has helped us to implement changes that have a direct impact on our bottom line. He has helped us to lower our labor/sales ratio, increase our margins and decrease our excess inventory by demonstrating when to buy and, more importantly, when to reduce inventory numbers. Our department managers look forward to his annual visit to show him how they have improved their department's financial position through his advice and methodology."

Richard Harms
Countryside Nursery

"From a 6% loss to a 3% profit with 2 visits. It was alot of work, but at least because of Steve it was the right work. Money well spent! Now can he do anything about RAIN?"

Bill Koch
Hawthorn Gardens

"Steve Bailey is a very intelligent person when it comes to financials and budgets. That is truly a weakness of mine....numbers. Steve and my team have worked together for several years now. I keep going back because he has really helped us see the bigger picture which makes sense and is working! Thanks Steve for caring!"

Sandi McDonald
Hillermann Nursery & Florist

"Numbers don’t lie… and neither does Steve Bailey when he says he can give you and your staff the tools to raise that number on the bottom line called PROFIT. We have been working with Steve for over six years now. Each year our company gets stronger and stronger!"

Rex Andersen
Town & Country Gardens, Inc.

"I don't need to tell you understanding a P/L Statement, Balance Sheet, Margin Percentage, Margin Dollars, Turns, GMROII (to name a few accounting terms) are of vital importance to run a successful garden center. For those in business with a horticultural slant first, understanding the business side of horticulture can be a daunting process. Fortunately for us we have someone in this field who knows where we are coming from. Steve has an uncanny ability to relate and convey information. Yes, he is a numbers guy. But when he met my staff and made their eyes light up with a 'I get it! Now let's go out and do it!' kind of attitude, I was amazed they were talking about making a profit and not the latest perennial to hit the market. So what do you get when you cross a numbers guy and a people person who can relate? You get Steve Bailey, a team player who helps me run a profitable horticultural business."

Larry Grossman
Grossman's Garden and Home

"We have been members of The Garden Center Group for a few years now. In talking to other Group members who have had consultations from the experts, so many of them have had Steve Bailey not only do a visit, but several. I strongly agree the investment of a Steve Bailey visit will pay off if you do your homework, involve your staff and promptly implement his advice. The business side is where so many of us fall short and Steve knows what we go through from his experience owning a garden center. He will also tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear."

Chris Kennedy
Kennedy's Country Gardens