Consulting Services

Consultation for Owners and Managers

Steve Bailey Consulting brings 40 years of retail knowledge and experience to Owners and Managers in a refreshing, down-to-earth style. Our strategies and plans focus on improving the wealth of your business through increased profitability and balance sheet management. Don't let the balance sheet part worry you, we'll work with you to set up your categories, goals and systems so you'll measure, benchmark and perform your way to new levels of profit. Here's a laundry list of areas we're likely to address when we work with you.

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System Analysis and Improvement

The numbers you need are often held captive by the way your financials were originally set up. In order to effectively manage those numbers, we will review your existing statements and then recommend change in order to simplify and mine the information you need.

Cash Flow Analysis & Management

There is a perceived notion that Cash Flow is difficult to project and manage. But as an Owner or Manager, you need to know when excess cash is available - and just as important, when it is not. We'll help you understand the importance of Cash Flow and how to make it a part of your financial mangement system.

Operating Expense Analysis

Operating Expenses are often overlooked as a source of Profitability. Analyzing past performance in the form of internal benchmarking will reveal trendlines that are affecting not only Profit but also Cash Flow and Equity. At that point recommendations are made to manage, not just accept, future results.

Payroll Budgeting and Management

Avoid the knee-jerk reaction of managing your Payroll and Benefits, and then finding you invested way too much in this critical expense area. Budgeting with an eye on the year-end result each and every payroll period is the answer.

Store, Category and Product Benchmarking

Retail is all about selling a Product and making a Profit doing so. Establishing internal accountability and then analyzing past performance in Margin, Turns, and Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment (GMROII) by Product and Category is the key to future Retail success.

Retail Margin Management, Inventory Control and Profitability

Taking the Benchmarking a step further, managing your Inventory means having the amount of inventory needed for your Revenues.. Doing so will yield huge benefits in Margins, Turns, and the resultant Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment (GMROII) and Profitability.

Other Services

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$eason2Buy™ Inventory Buying and Budgeting System

Soon to be online! The $eason2Buy™ system simplifies the process of managing your Retail Categories by using your Revenues, Attained Margin, Inventory On Hand, and in-season Purchases to assemble and dynamically track the amount of inventory you need to purchase. Seasonality is the key to Retail product sell-through, and the $eason2Buy™ is the tool you need!

Retail financial presentations at trade industry events

The combination of retail industry and consultation experience allows us the ability to relate to any audience level. Owners as well as Managers benefit from the simple approach we use to explain how financials work and then how to work those same financials to your benefit.

Assistance to wholesalers wishing to assist their Sales Staff in understanding Retail Financials'

Retailers need Wholesalers. Wholesalers need healthy Retailers. We’re all in this together, and the only way we will all be successful is if we work together. Steve Bailey Consulting can meet with your Wholesale Management and Sales staff to provide an insight as to the challenges Retailers face. Only by working through mutual solutions will your Company be top-of-mind to your Retail customers.

All of the above services are custom tailored to each business, formulated from the knowledge of over forty years of retail experience.